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Inclement Weather Information is Good to Know Before You Go

Water Works Park Real-Time Lightning Warning System


We closely monitor weather conditions for the safety of our guests using the Perry Weather real-time lightning warning system. The alert in green will provide real-time updates that are good to know before you go.

Water Works Park Rain Check Policy


Guests in the park for less than two hours may receive a rain check for each ticket purchased in the event of a full park closure for the day due to inclement weather.  When possible, we will do temporary closures to allow bad weather/electrical activity to pass.  Rain checks are not granted during these temporary closures.  Guests must present their receipt for a rain check before exiting the park. There are no refunds on incidental expenses such as locker rentals or concessions.

What Happens in the Event of Inclement Weather


Potential Inclement Weather
Impact: Increase in park communications

  1. Staff will communicate the Rain-Check Policy to incoming guests.

  2. Staff will monitor the weather and increase internal communications.



Detected Inclement Weather in the Area

Impact: Admission and giant slides will temporarily close

  1. Staff will suspend admissions to incoming new guests.

  2. Staff will close the giant outdoor slides and evacuate the slides tower.


Detected Inclement Weather in the Immediate Area
Impact: Admission and water attractions will temporarily close

  1. Staff will close the pools and water attractions.

  2. Staff will move guests indoors to the NAT if needed.

Three horns will blast in real-time from the Perry Weather Lightning Warning System if lightning is detected in the immediate area. If the Perry Weather Warning System continues to detect lightning for more than an hour, staff may continue to suspend operations or close for the remainder of the day.


Resuming Operations After Inclement Weather has Cleared

Impact: Admission and water park attractions will re-open when weather conditions in the immediate area are safe to do so

The following must be confirmed prior to resuming park operations, as needed:

  1. Staff must review and confirm no additional inclement weather threats.

  2. Staff must ensure the park is clean and free of debris in all public areas.

  3. Staff must ensure all safety equipment is checked and not damaged.

  4. Staff must ensure all pool chemistry is within the health code range.

Staff will communicate with guests using 3 short whistles followed by a long whistle and a central PA system.

We will suspend water park attractions and/or operations when unsafe conditions are present as determined by Management in conjunction with the following resources:

  1. Real-time electrical activity data from the Perry Weather Warning System

  2. Real-time visible lightning and audible thunder

  3. Electrical activity obtained from the City's Emergency Management Coordinator

  4. Electrical activity obtained from local weather radar streams

  5. Changes in air and water temperature


The decision to suspend operations longer than 60 minutes or for the remainder of a day is made by the Aquatics Program Area Manager and/or the Manager on Duty in consultation with the Director of Parks and Recreation or designee.


Damage and/or hazards in public areas due to high winds may delay park openings due to the need for staff to secure the safety of public areas and/or water attractions.

We will resume park operations when weather conditions in our immediate area are safe to do so, however, we cannot guarantee ideal weather conditions. 

Inclement Weather Closure Considerations 

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