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Welcome to Guest Services!

We're eager to serve and strive to provide an equal opportunity to all of our guests. Our highly trained staff is knowledgeable and eager to assist. If you have questions or concerns relating to an upcoming visit, please contact us at (940) 349-8800. For more park related topics and/or rules, visit our FAQs page.

Two little girls sipping a freshly mad slushy from the concession stand

Food and Beverage

Our Tidal Wave café serves up family favorites like pizza, chicken nuggets, French fries, and burgers. We cook to order and provide a variety of meal deals. The Pineapple Delight will be closed for the 2024 season.

Young boy on te toddler slide wearing a Coast Guard approved puddle jumper flotation device

Hula Hut Gift Shop

Our Hula Hut Gift shop sells quick and easy soft drinks, Powerade, bottled water, Dippin' Dots, and various flavors of Beth Marie's Ice Cream. Swim diapers are required for kids who are not potty trained and only Coast Guard approved flotation devices are permitted. Swim diapers and puddle jumpers are available for purchase in the gift shop.

An icon that displays no smoking, no knives, and no alocohol in the water park

No Smoking, No Alcohol, No Glass, No Knives

In an effort to accommodate all guests, the City has established the parking lot as the designated smoking area for cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and all other tobacco products. By ordinance, it is unlawful to smoke tobacco or an e-cigarette in the park or within 30 feet of the water park and NAT entrances. Alcohol is not permitted on City or DISD property.

Small ice chest of six water bottles

Outside Coolers, $5 Daily Pass or $60 Season Pass

You are welcome to bring a small cooler with the purchase of a cooler pass, however, commercial packaging and commercial deliveries are prohibited in an effort to support our concession facilities and those employed to provide services. All coolers and bags are checked at the entrance gate.

Family of guests at Water Works Park

Photography in the Park

As guests at the park, you agree to allow your image, likeness and/or sound recordings for the purpose of City of Denton Parks and Recreation promotion only. Staff is required to wear the official City of Denton attire and/or display an official employee ID badge so as to be easily identified by guests while taking photographs in the park.

Guest at Water Works Park using a new locker keypad

Locker Rental Kiosk

The locker rental kiosk accepts cash or credit card and uses a dedicated keypad installed on each locker allowing guests to bypass the kiosk for future access.

Guests with toddler using a toddler tube in the lazy river

Toddler Tubes

Toddler tubes are available to guests with very young kiddos. They are lazy river tubes with no hole on the bottom, so toddlers can sit back and enjoy.

First aid bag of supplies

First Aid Center

First aid is available at the First Aid Center adjacent to the entrance breezeway and a second location is by the wave pool.

Young boy floating in the lazy river wearing a Coast Guard approved puddler jumper flotation device

Coast Guard Approved Flotation Devices

Only Coast Guard approved flotation devices are permitted. Various size life jackets are provided throughout the park. Other floatation devices such as infant floats and noodles without a Coast Guard approved stamp are prohibited from use in the park.

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