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Summer swim lessons are offered indoors at Denton NAT and outdoors at Civic Center Pool .



Register online or call
(940) 349-8800. 





Registration deadline for all swim lessons is at closing on the Friday before the first day of class. 

Lessons for all skill levels are provided at each class during each session.


The registration deadline for ALL swim lessons is at closing on the Friday before the first day of class.


Nonresidents add $5. 

Preschool lessons have a participant to teacher class ratio of 5:1 and levels 1-4 
has a class ratio of 6:1. 

Water Tots Swim Lessons (ages 6 months-3 years)
This parent and child class builds readiness through games and songs. Parents will learn how to teach their kid various skills to increase their confidence, coordination, and safety in the water. 


Preschool Swim Lessons (ages 3-4)
This class introduces water skills that will help your kid feel comfortable and enjoy water safely. We will teach floating, kicking, alternating arm action, bubble blowing, and safety rules. Kids are divided according to their skill level. The class ratio of participant to instructor is 5:1.


Level 1: Introduction to Water
We'll teach skills ranging from beginning to intermediate and work on freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.


Level 2: Fundamental Skills
We will teach alternating arm action, rhythmic bobbing, front/back glides, and safety. You must be able to walk five yards in chest-deep water, retrieve an object underwater, and float supported or unsupported. 


Level 3: Stroke Development
We will teach freestyle, elementary backstroke, learn rotary breathing, dolphin kick, and safety. You must be able to float (front and back) unsupported, perform front and back glides unsupported, and show alternating arm action.


Level 4: Stroke Development
For this class, your kid will increase their endurance by swimming familiar strokes (front and back crawl) for greater distances. They will add arms to the scissors kick for sidestroke and start to learn back crawl, breaststroke, and butterfly.